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“Fauna” by Simon Rose and Paul Stapelton (Bonsai Sound Sculpture. BoSS)

pfMENTUM, 2013

  1. Borealis 06'35"
  2. Felt 07'35"
  3. Deep 10'25"
  4. Zwischenfell 02'30"
  5. Shift 08'36"
  6. Set 04'23"
  7. Vertreiben 05'13"

“Sombero Galaxy” by Simon Rose and Pascal Nichols (Drums)

Bug Incision Records, 2012

  1. Bone artifacts constructor 10'59"
  2. Sombrero Galaxy 13'31"
  3. A horse breaker and a purple mare 15'49"
Ball Tole

“Ball Tole” by Simon Rose and Pascal Nichols (Drums)

Rayon Records, 2010

Hand made art work by Pascal Nichols. Limited edition.

  1. Stromal 03'26"
  2. Rote flegeelum 03'01"
  3. Giver 19'19"
  4. Tole 12'22"
  5. Stormal 03'00"
  6. Bolar 04'30"
  7. Lunm 05'36"
Schmetterling Cover

“Schmetterling” by Simon Rose

Not Two, 2011

solo baritone saxophone

  1. Off world 03'12"
  2. Panopticon 07'27"
  3. Wolf Street 03'52"
  4. South on Squirrel (Play Full Track) 04'47"
  5. Eel feeler 05'17"
  6. Boxhagener 06'41"
  7. Winterfelt 05'01"
  8. Spielen 02'18"
  9. Like tears in rain 03'53"
  10. Crater Lake 03'26"
  11. Schmetterling 02'39"
  12. Pike Market 05'27"
  13. Hinter mir 03'17"
  14. At 14th 02'56"
Procession by Simon Rose

“Procession” by Simon Rose

Badland: Rose, Noble, Fell, 2006

  1. Ground Effect (Play Excerpt) 19'44"
    Recorded at Jackson Lane Center, London.
  2. Still 19'20"
    Recorded at Bonnington Center, London.
  3. Wind Conditions 18'00"
    Recorded at Oklahoma Café / Gallery, Manchester.
The Society of the Spectacle by Badland

“The Society of the Spectacle” by Badland

Emanem, 2005

  1. Kittiwake 04'58"
  2. Elka 03'41"
  3. Society of the Spectacle (Part 2) 10'31"
  4. Nissa (Play Full Track) 12'43"
  5. Society of the Spectacle (Part 1) 06'25"
  6. Mia 11'00"
  7. Snipe 07'45"
  8. Reeds in the Western World 08'56"
Axis of Cavity by Badland

“Axis of Cavity” by Badland

Bruce's Fingers, 2002

  1. Axis Of Cavity 05'55"
  2. Arm Of The Sea 06'34"
  3. Groove For Deep Breath 05'57"
  4. Surface For Talice 12'06"
  5. The Temporal Bones 05'00"
  6. Birdie 04'06"
  7. The Scapula Angles 06'26"
  8. Spinous Process 03'42"
  9. Bow, Stick and Reed 05'01"
Badland by Badland

“Badland” by Badland

Bruce's Fingers, 1995

  1. Sadness (Ornette Coleman) 05'56"
  2. Hyena's Finger 06'06"
  3. Subsong 05'36"
  4. The Hatching Muscle 07'32"
  5. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington) 07'40"
  6. Blue Tern 10'01"
  7. Scuttle Dance 08'59"
  8. Sadness (Ornette Coleman) 02'46"


Solo baritone sax London 2011

Solo alto sax. London 2011

Badland: Rose, Noble, Fell

Bruce's Fingers

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Bay Area Improvisers Network

Badland: Rose, Noble, Fell


website by dorian@the useful arts organisation

Simon Rose

Simon Rose plays baritone and alto saxophones. Born in London, England, he has performed in Europe, Canada and USA. As well as collaborating with those who play traditional instruments, Rose performs with musicians who employ self-designed instruments and electronics. He is also interested in collaborations beyond music, for example with dance.  Performing solo is an ongoing project: ‘Procession,’ solo alto and ‘Schmetterling,’ solo baritone.  Music recordings can be found on the labels: Emanem, Leo, PSI, Bruce’s Fingers, Not Two, Rayon and PFMentum. 


His research interest is in the creative process of improvisation, in which he has completed three studies. Following an MA at Middlesex University, 2008, he gained his doctorate in 2013 at Glasgow Caledonian University.  For several decades he taught drama and music in London, this included working with permanently excluded and special educational needs students. Studying drama at Dartington College of Arts, with subsequent teacher training, Exeter University, his early career was in theater-in-education and fringe theatre: devising and touring schools, prisons, hospitals and small-scale venues. He is currently completing a book for Intellectbooks, UK concerning the agency of improvisation. Other publications include book chapters: ‘Free improvisation in education,’ in Investigating Musical Performance (Ashgate, 2012); Improvisation as real-time composition’ in The act of musical composition (Ashgate, 2014), and ‘The Process of Improvisation’ in Organising and Music (Cambridge, 2014).


Sonic Arts Research Centre, (SARC) Queens University, Belfast: ‘Improvisation, music and learning: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis’ 12th February 2014

The Lift, Cologne: ‘Improvisation and organisation’ (performance –presentation) 18th-19th October 2013

Oxford Brookes, Oxfrord: ‘Improvisation, music and learning: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis’ 13th May 2013

Reading University: 2011 'Developing improvisation for education' 4th-5th March, 2011

University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada: 'Free improvisation's relationship with educational exclusion.' 29th August -12 September 2010

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester: (poster presentation) 'Articulating perspectives on free improvisation for education' 2 February 2010

Banff Arts Centre, Alberta, Canada: 'Improvisation and education' (performance and presentation.) 10 August 10 2009

McGill University, Montreal: 19-20 June 2009 Law, justice and improvisation. 'The unknown and improvisation for education.'

University of Denver, Colorado: December 5-7, 2008 Panel: 'Exploring the Unknown: Accepting Uncertainty' (performance and paper)

Guelph University, Ontario: 3-5 September 2008 'Articulating perspectives on free improvisation for education'

International Society for Improvised Music, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois: December 14-16, 2007 'Articulating perspectives on free improvisation for education'


Summer Institute for Critical Studies of Improvisation, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada 25 Aug. - 7 Sept. 2008

Summer Institute for Critical Studies of Improvisation, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada 29 Aug. - 12 Sept. 2010


‘Schmetterling’ solo baritone Not Two 2011

The second set was Simon Rose’s solo on both baritone and alto… recently represented in a beautifully recorded solo album on baritone: ‘Schmetterling.’… Rose gifted the audience with a beautiful performance, full of nuances, circular breathing and soemthong like a theatrical attitude, but very near the essence and far from rhetoric. Gian Paolo Galasi

Rose uses the properties of his 1932 Conn baritone saxophone for parallel tone experimentation.
 Cannily he not only takes advantage of the mammoth horn’s expected blurry and subterranean brays, but also highlights the glottal multiphonics that result from playing widespread passages altissimo. Among the sounds swelling up and diminishing from his horn are a volley of percussive tongue slaps strident enough to resemble gunfire…. a faint Arabic insinuation creeps into Rose’s playing on “Crater Lake”, especially in his choice of substitute notes.
 Tessitura slurs are more prominent elsewhere, as powerful thrusts against metal create multi-phonic cries at higher and lower pitches. Rose’s flutter tonguing also doubles and triples as he stutters and sequences note patterns which arise and disappear in split seconds.
 Expressed in broken octaves, a tune such as the title track may include bagpipe-chanter-like swells… which remain chromatic despite juddering slurs and contracted tongue slaps. Tracks like “Eel Feeler” in contrast bulge with crunching growls and stentorian reverberations that confirm the horn’s lower-depth power.
 Still, all and all, the aleatoric “Boxhagener” is most illustrative of Rose’s strategy which echoes both Free Jazz and Free Music. An almost-earth-shaking interlude, propelled with inflated circular-breathed timbres, it appears as if the horn’s outside finish is being stripped to toughen the already bottomless snorts.

Jean-Michel van Schouwbourg

Simon Rose - Schmetterling (Not Two, 2011) ****½

British saxophonist Simon Rose had already released a solo alto album, yet now he takes on a similar project with the baritone, and with stunning results. From the beginning till the end, this is an extremely captivating performance, entirely improvised, but with a rare emotional power. If the first track gives a kind introduction into the concept, the second piece starts with a phenomenal cry that will resonate till the end of the album. Rose explores every emotional aspect of the sound he can get out of his instrument, extremely raw, but then delivered in a slow, inevitable way. There is no urgency at all. Just the endless wails of despair, of anger, of sadness, or if you wish even deep resonance with the universe. The depth, the heaviness of the sound, the multiphonics and circular breathing, the vibrations, the bending of tones, all contribute to giving a kind of natural primeval quality.

‘Fauna’ Simon Rose-Paul Stapleton pfMentum 2013

This is a great free music record, it sounds as experimental and furious as those than of the FMP / INCUS / RING era… but terrifically modern! … The first time the record is over, you just want more. With enjoyment… This is a best kind of improvised music, either you’re more into its global soundscaping or its very musical quality along the many blazing improvisations that have been recorded from this Berlin show. Simon Rose gets angrier while he makes his baritone bark (or trumpet) to some kind of gritty basses. Circular breathing is used to transform the sound or slide from one harmonic to another, with a great feeling for details and the ability to whistle at the edge of silence or for a contrasting loud outbreak. His partner has the solid imagination required to make his machine talk. The perfect independence of these two improvisators and their ability to play in such different genres and coordinate their efforts stimulates any listening (both normal listeners and musicians), and push the two artists to take off towards a permanently unsatisfied research. They literally do the splits in their inspiration but always gather on magical and unexpected convergences. This is a very remarkable duet. Many famous people playing so-called “free” improvised music don’t perform any better and sound any more interesting. Therefore, if you enjoy real free improvised music, with no additive, go and get this wonderful FAUNA and its authors.
PS: Please do have a look on Rose’s Schmetterling, where he plays solo      on baritone (Not Two) and Procession, on alto sax (FMR), who are two major records.

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg by Palem Candillier

Journal d'écoute / Listening Diary 


The multi-faceted “Felt” gives you a glimpse into a sonic world you never knew existed – somewhere between cave-days and the deepest, darkest jungles of today, inhabited by strange creatures you’ll never find in a zoo.  I’ll tell you right up front, though, if you’re an “MOR” (middle of the road) listener, you’ll never make it out of the forest!  That’s especially true when tunes like my favorite of the 8 on the CD, “Zwischenfall” are trippin’ you out… leave the acid in the closet – you won’t need it!  I give this duo a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those into the “far out” spectrum of music, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00 – which, of course, means that they also get the “PICK” of this issue for “best strange music”.  

Rotcod Zzaj;

Extended saxophone technique is just another term for deep space exploration and indeed, saxophonist Simon Rose is a musical cosmonaut. As a space traveler, he has released a couple of solitary saxophone expeditions on alto Procession (FMR, 2007) and a stunning baritone recording Schmetterling (Not Two, 2011). He provides a diverse and intriguing menu of tone manipulation, multiphonics and circular breathing. 

With Fauna he shares the voyage with sound artist Paul Stapleton and his bonsai sound sculpture. Described as a portable modular musical instrument that combines a repurposed turntable, electronics, amplified metallic percussion and strings, the BoSS is part Blade Runner and part Plan 9 From Outer Space. Like Rose's serpentine routs, Stapleton's BoSS is a spluttering, droning, pitch-altering generator that is as otherworldly as Simon's baritone. The pairs' improvisations could be the migratory songs of android whales or the piezoelectric abrasions that develop inside an old timepiece. Without the visuals, the sounds constructed are chimeric fantasies.

Mark Corroto All About Jazz October 2013

Very fine collaboration between sax player Simon Rose and Paul Stapleton, who makes and plays bonsai sound sculptures. Nice blend of ideas and sonics between alto/baritone sax and metal percussion. Rich and thoughtful playing.

Fauna is a wonderful mixture of two disparate instruments, self-compelled to find a bond… the fervent, alien textures created from a reed and a box of tricks are ear-prickingly inviting. For the opener, "Borealis", the duo comes out swinging with Rose's staccato hiccups and Stapleton actively rattling his machine (think prepared piano sounds). They swap melodies, ranges, attitudes and occasionally bisect points of interdependence with Rose carrying the last few minutes in a rapid, vibrating, pulsing murmur. On "Felt", Stapleton demonstrates his ability to deconstruct the notion of turntablism which he takes from mere abstract scratching to mechanical purrs to mouse song to dog whistle to electrical misfires; Rose is patient, fading a warbling ostinato in and out of tempi and dynamic swells. The duo is deft at keeping a tense bubble of intrigue on "Deep" and "Zwischenfall", where space and pause are incorporated to enjoy the whisper and spittle, resonance of bells and strings and rumble of thumps. Stapleton and Rose blend these techniques, incongruous colors and shapes throughout the disc, eventually closing out the finale, "Vertreiben", with a bulbous, static drone cloud. Stapleton and Rose successfully smooth out the seams and stiches of this Frankenstein with a sensitivity to their craft and each other while exploring an uncharted android aesthetic. One thinks about musical inventor Harry Partch who tried to find an almost more refined musical dialect, or replace Latin with Sanskrit as a baseline for his and his client's endeavors; however — and no insult to Partch — whereas he sought an extension, this duo looks for what's on the other side.

Dave Madden


… British alto and baritone saxophonist Simon Rose, who also excels in solo playing, sticks very much to an acoustic foundation on Fauna. His partner here is Belfast-based Californian Paul Stapleton… The most traditionally satisfying of the discs here is ‘Fauna’… Although episodes of staccato flanges, ring modulator-like thwacks and pulsating vibrations are heard throughout, the sound artist’s most common forefront properties are aviary like chirps, jittery buzzes and string resonation…

Stimulating and outstanding is “Shift” which is built around the contrast between stentorian saxophone growls and delicate resonations from the BoSS. Here Stapleton’s interface is shaped into string-like strums and cascades as Rose exactingly constructs his tonal expansion from irregular pressures, vibrations and squeaks, culminating in a bubbling, circular-breathed exercise. Other pieces like “Felt” finds the BoSS’ premeditated shakes and vibrations causing Rose to turn to circular breathing and reed sucks, while “Zeiteinheit” concludes as a slow-moving exercise in basement tones as the saxophonist deepens his output from slurps and tongue-stops to shaking snorts in response to equally compelling aviary-like shrills from Stapleton…

Ken Waxman Jazzword 23 March 2014

‘Procession’ solo alto saxophone (FMR) 2006

‘There are solo saxophone records, and then, there are the solo saxophone records that transform the instrument into an orchestra; effect is superseded, or rather transmogrified, moving away from virtuosic display and becoming an essential part of the instrumental language.

‘Procession’ is one of the finest statements from the saxophone I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Over three extended pieces, recorded in concert, Simon Rose proves himself a student history, but not a slave to it. Each piece is encyclopaedic and grandiose without pretence, as witnessed in the opening of the aptly named ‘Ground Effect’. Ayleresque vibrancy, honks and controlled shrieks are tempered by multiphonics akin to those of more recent John Butcher ventures, the overtones finally pervading the texture, themselves forming shards of sub melody. Beyond all that I never knew a D-flat could contain so many colours, returning at the end of the piece with new clarity.

‘Still’ begins on exactly the opposite side of the sonic spectrum, short sharp cascades of notes precipitated by hollow clicks, giving way to subtle streams of liquefied air. The mushy trills of ‘Wind Conditions’ exemplify just how much can be contained in a small interval, whether in pitch or timbral space. Rose darts between these universes with ease and consummate skill.

However, none of these descriptors can ever even approximate each journey, free but absolutely logical, the best blend spontaneity and improvisation imaginable. Rose seems to be able to turn on the creativity without any warm up, if indeed these recordings represent complete sets of music. The recordings retain the ambiance of the respected venues, complete with applause from fairly small but appreciative audiences.

A follow up disc would be appreciated, but asking for one almost feels like looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth.’

Marc Medwin, CADENCE, September 2007

badland CD ‘Society of the Spectacle’ (2003) Emanem

‘Outstanding in its level of sustained excitement, the group combine assured musicianship and adventurous temperament, their decisive execution coupled with a wholehearted dedication to improvised music's intrinsic precariousness. An energetic kit player, Noble also sounds metallic percussion with great sensitivity. Fell is a powerful generative presence and a source of subtle enhancements. Rose wails with ferocity or teases away at convoluted lines that have an almost folky feel. Together they convey a sense of a creative process unfolding into genuinely dramatic music. A gripping release from start to finish.’

Julian Cowley, THE WIRE, 2006

‘The first two pieces are studies in controlled refinement. Pinpoint percussion, looping alto lines shaded with burred overtones, and scumbled arco are pushed to a simmer; ready to boil over at any minute, yet held right at that edge. The trio toys with conventions of the sax, bass, drums format as, for instance, the patterns of Rose's circularly breathed lines propel the music along rather than drums or bass. On the two-part title piece The Society of Spectacle, the surging Mia, or the searing intensity of the closing Reeds in the Western World, the three drive the improvisations along with arresting sheets of energy. Noble is in his element, prodding at the flow of the pieces, whether diving in with a well placed snap or crash or thundering along with an elastic sense of momentum. Fell seems to revel in this setting where, like his trios with drummer Paul Hession, he gets to flex within the context of explosive group playing. Even here, though, his keen ear toward careful placement and balance of timbres and density comes through. Rose's playing comes off particularly well. Here is a player who has absorbed the extended reed techniques of free improvisation, and channeled those rippling waves into a focused approach to phrasing and pacing that never falls in to showcasing or bluster.’

Michael Rosenstein,  SIGNAL TO NOISE, 2006

‘The trio's newest offering is concentrated and expansive, tipping the nod to multiple influences with a series of microhistorical moments that still exude unified individuality. No proof is necessary beyond the opening moments of Part One of the title track, sequenced, Boulez style, after Part Two. The 'classical' connection is appropriate, as the patterns with which percussionist Steve Noble opens the proceedings are focused, loosely proportional and juxtaposed with authoritative silences in the manner of Varese or even of Zappa; a vague Orientalism deepens the illusory mystique of early 20th century panglobalism. A reflective silence ensues, only to be shattered, irreparably, by a jump-cut into some uhr-swing, implied but never completed by a quasi-rhetorical pattern on ride; bassist Simon Fell doesn't exactly walk, but his rhythmic spikes belie deep listening and the half-homage of improvisational camaraderie. Simon Rose breathes Ayleresque fire through a saxophone soaked, but not drowning, in vibrato and collective musical recollection. The slow build to fury is one of the things for which Badland has been justly praised, and Part Two of the title track rumbles and rises to a brilliant frenzy. More than anything though, SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE exudes luminous silence, huge vistas of space through which structures appear and submerge. Reeds in the Western World, a stunning vehicle for Rose, begins with such vast plains of no-sound. Rose is panned to the right, so that even when his Coltranesque utterances begin to shrill, blat and growl, silence hovers expectantly in the wings, only to be completely dispelled when Fell and Noble kick in, jazz style, at the zenith of Rose's solo. This disc is the most satisfying Badland offering so far, both for the excellence and commitment in the playing and for the freshness with which each moment moves to the next. Sixty-six minutes flew by, and I'm eagerly awaiting more entries in this trio's brief discography.’

Marc Medwin,  DUSTED MAGAZINE, 2006

‘Splendidly moody, often quite aggressive stuff from a trio whose work seems to have undergone several stages of fermentation to arrive at this highly concentrated and heavily fortified result. This is improvised music at its most tensile, with the emphasis being on music (rather than sonic art or degenerate sound effects) as much as on improvisation; Rose's booklet notes imply a frame of reference which incorporates both free jazz and free-but-not-jazz, and he's damn right. Quite apart from that, I'm always in favour of anyone who sticks up for the improvisational usefulness of the sniping, whinging alto sax as opposed to its nearest relatives. I also like strident, close-captured arco bass and percussion which is played rather than flailed at. All in all, then, I'm doing well here. As a free player Noble is possibly the only drummer of his generation to underpin his exploratory approach with the kind of fearsome chopsiness I associate with Tony Oxley; indeed, if asked to chuck in my two penn'orth I'd say he falls back on controlled technical precision rather too often for my taste, but his reasons for doing what he does are probably better than any reason I might have for suggesting otherwise. To be bought at once, then played loudly and very often.’

Roger Thomas, JAZZ REVIEW, 2006

‘Powerful and twisted as he may be (he really knows how to bend notes out of shape), Rose can display an uncanny sensitivity, not unlike Paul Dunmall. Simon H. Fell's playing always seems to have two or three agendas; even the most instinctive bass lines hide alternate trains of thoughts that will surface later. Steve Noble's drumming is intense and multifaceted, an attention grabber from start to finish. Highlights include the short pieces Kittiwake and Elka, the raging Mia and the concluding Reeds in the Western World, featuring a gripping sax solo and a development that takes us very close to the American Free Jazz tradition.’

Francois Couture,  ALL MUSIC GUIDE, 2005

‘badland’ CD ‘Axis of Cavity’ (Bruce’s Fingers) 2002

‘Axis of Cavity’ is their second release and eight years on, the three have dug into the sax/bass/drums free jazz setting and carved out their own take. Though they can roar along with full bore authority, there is far more at play here. The three morph the usual notion of horn against rhythm section into a setting for shifting fields of sonic events that still manage to careen along with rolling momentum. Rose tears into the improvisations with a quavering, molten tone, spraying sheets of notes punctuated with keening cries and hoarse, blasting overtones. But he can also lay out breathy, spluttering, percussive flurries during sections of sonic abstractions. Noble continues to prove himself to be one of the more inventive drummers on the improv. scene….. Here his drumming rumbles with peals of thunder and then breaks apart into pinpoint cracks and slashing punctuation. Fell’s bass playing is masterful, whether goading things along with vigorous, walking lines, churning out agitated lines of arco, or scraping scrubbed, free situations…
Each of the nine spontaneous improvisations is a compact study in the balance of brazen intensity and nuanced detail.’

Michael Rosenstein, SIGNAL TO NOISE

‘What’s most impressive on the album, perhaps, is how much musical range is packed into each track, and how different and eventful they all seem: some  contain quiet passages examining a particular sonic texture at length (for  instance, the first half of “The Scapula Angles”, where Rose’s saxophone  flutters over the oozing drums and bass); some are sprightly, rapid-fire  free-jazz (“Spinous Process”); there’s even one track (“Bow, Stick and Reed”)  which if it were unkinked a bit further would sound positively mainstream…A similar process of encompassing musical extremes is also audible in  miniature within each track: this is most obvious on the CD’s one extended  track, “Surface for Talice,” which ranges from quiet insect-music improv to an  exhilirating climax on which Rose plays with acetylene-torch heat.’

Nate Dorward,  CODA

‘Altoist Rose is the dominant voice. He has some of the English reserve which John Butcher specialises in, but he hasn’t totally eliminated the melodic fervour and gospel excess of the black American free players. However what he plays is no forced compromise: he has his own rather dignified sound. The music is linear and fluid, with Fell and Noble suggesting sonics and textures which provide alternative environments for Rose’s central voice. Some of Noble’s clattering inventions and Fell’s spuming ‘walking bass’ are priceless. Extraordinary how clean and sober jazz can become and still remain, essentially, jazz. Special. A:1’ 

Ben Watson, HI-FI NEWS, December 2002

‘These British improvisers move forward with the intentions, audacity and forcefulness of a high powered rock trio, as they demonstrate a proclivity to mimic each others movements while exploring various angles amid blustery choruses and gushing crescendo…what sets this outing apart…resides within the bands subliminal rhythmic structures…bassist Simon Fell and drummer Steve Noble provide reverberating, at times oscillating undercurrent for the saxophonists macrobiotic tone poems and abstract discourses. Needless to say this band is having a blast - and it shows. They convey a profusion of thought-provoking sentiments to coincide with a brooding methodology that signifies an air of elusiveness in concert with a distinct sense of the dynamic. Overall, this 2002 release has quite a bit to offer, especially for those who think they’ve heard it all.’

Glenn Astarita,  ALL MUSIC GUIDE

They can strut and burn, then shift to contemplative mood; line up small gestures then roll at full tilt; lock smoothly and glide, or grate and spark. Despite their menacing name, a lot of fine grained interplay and skilful dovetailing goes into the careful collective shaping of ‘badland’s’ music.’

Julian Cowley, THE WIRE, August 2002

The music fair blisters along, all three participants being on pretty fearsome form, and when you’ve heard it, it stays heard…Groups like this are about interaction, the on-going group dynamic. Badland keeps everything together but on the edge.

Barry Witherden, JAZZ REVIEW, Editor’s CD of the month September 2002

badland ‘badland’ CD – (Bruce’s Fingers) 1996

Put this alongside the most important trios in the jazz and improvising saxophone tradition.’

Francesco Martinelli, IMPROJAZZ

‘Vivid free bop from a highly accomplished trio who venture gamely out into new and lawless territory, bringing new ideas and a freshness of diction to this challenging idiom’.

The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD

Realised with a spiritual intensity that could liquefy steel, Badland destroys every one of commercial music’s delusions.’

Hannes Schweiger, JAZZ LIVE

‘Badland can engage in delicate spontaneous interplay or volcanic eruption, often in the course of one short piece. Hear Mark Sanders’ great command of percussive pulsed and unpulsed options, bassist Simon H. Fell’s impressive extended techniques, and Simon Rose’s versatile soprano and alto sax. Hyena’s Finger rises instantly from near-silence to fever pitch. The band tackles tuneage too – there’s a meaty reading of Duke Ellington’s ‘Come Sunday’ and two versions of Ornette Coleman’s ‘’Sadness’.

Jon Corbett, DOWNBEAT

‘Sanders, Fell and Rose comprise a free improvising trio as forceful as anyone’s liable to come across.’

Chris Kelsey, CADENCE

A full blooded sax / bass / drums trio perched on the cusp of free jazz and improv.’

Chris Blackford, THE WIRE

‘It is the sheer range of this album that marks it out, from full throttle blowing through quiet lyricism to abstract soundscapes. The last two are neatly combined in what for me the pivotal track – a superb and surprising rendition of Ellington’s ‘Come Sunday’.’


Future Live Dates

Sunday 27th April

Stephen Crowe e. guitar, Tom Jackson clarinet, Benedict Taylor viola. And Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Hilary Jeffery trombone. Ma Thilde, Wildenbruchstrasse 68, 12045 Neukoelln, Berlin 21h

Past Live Dates

11th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture + Dave Stockard percussion and Kevin McKullagh fiddle. 65 Union St., Belfast, Belfast, BTI 21G. 9.00 pm

10th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Daniel Thompson guitar, Andrew Lisle drums + The Horse Trio (Sue Lych, Richard Sanderson, Hutch Demouilpied). The King and Queen, 1 Foley Street, London, W1W 6DL, £6 entry. Door 8.00 pm


9th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture + Legion of Swine + Orlando Ferguson. Wool Pack, 6 Fawcett St, York YO10 4AH  UK

8th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Scupture + Legion of Swine + Orlando Ferguson. The Fenton, 161-165 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 3ED UK 8.00 pm

Saturday 5th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture + Adam Bohman obects + Michael Speers percussion/electronics. Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson St., London, E2 8JD 8 pm

Thursday 3rd April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture + Shibby Shitegeist & Dave Mckeown + H + Dominic Lash & Seth Cooke. The Cube, Dove Street South, Bristol BS2 8JD  8.00pm / £5 advance, £7 door

2nd April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture. - Queens Head,1 St James Street, Monmouth, NP25 3DL 9.00pm

Tuesday 1st April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture. Studio 1, PATS Building, University of Surrey, Guildford, 
Surrey GU2 7XH. 2.00 p.m.


Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture. Oxford Improvisers @ The Loft Room, The Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AQ
UK 7.30 pm

Saturday 22nd March

‘FORMATIONS’ Andrew Wass dance and Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones. Café Fincan, Altenbrakerstr. 26 (Ecke Nogatstraße),
12051 Berlin. 20h – 22h.

Friday 21st March

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Rui Faustino drums. Peppi Guggenheim Gallery, Weichselstr. 7 Neukoelln 12043 Berlin/ 21h

Sunday 16th March

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Tom Jackson clarinets, Emilio Gordoa vibraphone/percussion, Stephen Crowe electric guitar, Stephan Bleier double bass Peppi Guggenheim Gallery, Weichselstr. 7 Neukoelln 12043 Berlin 21h

Thursday 13th February

Paul Stapleton Bonsai sound sculpture, Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast, BT7 1NN  1– 2 pm

Monday 27th January

Paul Stapleton Bonsai sound sculpture Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones, Roy Carroll speakers, Alan Gleason laptop and live processing of field recordings. Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 21.00h

26th January

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Paul Stapleon Bonsai Sound Sculpture plus Michael Vorfeld percussion. Miss Hecker 2, (Send message for details of where.) 20.00-22.00h

Friday 24th January

Paul Stapleton Bonsai sound sculpture Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones. Plus Elena Kakaliagou french horn, Margarita Kourtparadisou percussion. Auxxx, Kastienallee 77, Berlin 21.00 h. door 22.00h music.

Saturday 7th December

‘Open Sound and Movement’: Open lab for number of invited musician/dancers spontaneously forming groups for short 10 minute sets, final presentation with two duos: Simon Rose baritone saxophone with Louise Wagner dance. Martin Posegga, sax, David Brandstätter, dance. Ufer Studios - Badstraße 41a, Berlin. 19h

19th October

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Stefan Schultze prepared piano. Loft, Hans-Martin Muller, Wissmannstr. 30, Koln. 20.30h

14th September

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Stefan Schultze prepared piano + tbc. ‘Over the Top’ 78 Kingfield Road, Sheffield.

11th September

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Stefan Schultze prepared piano + Chiz and tbc. View Two Gallery: 23 Mathew Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE.

10th September

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones - Adam Bohman objects + SR solo + Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg -Marko Loprieno tenor sax, Adrian Northover sax - Catherine Pluygers oboe + Daniel Thompson-guitar. The Horse Pub, 124 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1-7RS 20.00h

9th September

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Stefan Schultze prepared piano and Akode. Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston London E8 3DL 8.30 

25th June

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Claudia Binder prepared piano. Werkstatt fur Improvised Music (WIM), Magnusstrasse 5, 8004 Zurich

Friday 10th May

Simon Rose baritone/alto sax, Pascal  Nichols drums, Joincey electric bass. Audatious Arts Experiment, 107A Harwood Street, Sheffield, UK S24SE 20.30h

Tuesday 30th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones and Stefan Schultze prepared piano. Direktorenhaus, Am Krogel 2, Berlin-Mitte, 20.00h

Friday 18th January

Ausland Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin 21.00h   Clauida Binder piano with Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones. Misa Shimomura piano. Dietrich Eichmann piano with Astrid Weins double bass.

Sunday 13th January

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones Willi Kellers drums. Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 21.30h

Sunday 16th December

Roy Carroll sampler, Klaus Kuervers double bass, Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 21.00h


Sunday 4th November

Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones, Mike Majkowsli double bass Rui Faustino drums. 3 Solos and 1 Trio. The Great Heisenberg, Schillerpromenade 12049 Berlin 20.00h


Sunday 16th September

Vortex, 11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ Simon Rose solo baritone saxophones, plus full program  

Thursday 6th September

Willi Kellers drums, Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones. Panda Theatre, Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin. 21.00h

Tuesday 4th September

Duo: Roy Carroll sampler, Klaus Kuervers double bass Duo: Paul Stapleton Bonsai sound sculpture, Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones, Quartet: Carroll, Kuervers, Stapleton, Rose. Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 21.00h


Saturday 25th August

Duo: Caroline Pugh voice, Paul Stapleton Bonsai sound sculpture. Duo: Klaus Kuervers double bass, Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones. Quartet: Pugh, Stapleton, Kuervers, Rose Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, Neukolln, Berlin 20.30h

Wednesday 27th June

Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones, Steve Heather drums, Chris Abrahams DX7 synthesiser.Panda Theatre, Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin. 21.00h

Friday 11th May

Auxxx, Kastienallee 77, Berlin 21.00 h. Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Dave Birchall guitar, Steve Heather drums

Sunday 15th April

Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones, Jurg Bariletti acoustic-lap-top-mobile, Rui Faustino drums. The Great Heisenberg, Schillerpromenade 12049 Berlin 20.00h


Friday 24th February

Able Gallery, Hobrechtstrasse 28, Berlin 20.30h Simon rose alto/baritone sax Alan Gleason laptop

Sunday 5th February

Simon Rose baritone/alto alto saxophones, Mike Majkowsli double bass Rui Faustino drums. 3 Solos and 1 Trio. The Great Heisenberg, Schillerpromenade 12049 Berlin 20.00h

Monday 30th January

19:30 HAU 2 ZODIAK REVISITED I Conrad Schnitzler (DE) “Pianoworks (Disklavier)”, KonzertinstallationFree Arts Lab (DE), Konzert: Simon Rose baritone/alto sax, Klaus Kurvers double bass, Wolfgang Seidel electronics/percussion, Els Vandeweyer vibes/percussion, Anat Cohavi reeds

Thursday 15th December

Altes Finanzamt. Schönstedt Str. 7, 12043 Berlin: 21:30 Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Clayton Thomas double bass, Steve Heather drums plus Alan Gleason electroacoustic laptop

Wednesday 9th November

Altes Finanzamt. Schönstedt Str. 7, 12043 Berlin doors: 21:00 - First set: 22:00 Don Malfon alto sax, Vasco Trilla drums PLUS Jürg Bariletti  acoustic-lab-top-mobile (soundbox), Simon Rose alto /baritone sax  Klaus Kürvers double bass PLUS Umut Caglar guitar Julio Clavijo  guitar Julian Bonequi  amplified voice & toy drums

Tuesday 1st November

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 21.00h Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone, Willi Kellers drums

Thursday 20th October

Schlott Berlin  Edisonhofe – Chauseestrasse 18 Zugang uber Schegelstrasse 26, 10115 Berlin Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Clayton Thomas double bass, Steve Heather drums 21.30

Sunday 16th October

Vortex, 11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ Simon Rose solo baritone saxophones, plus full program 

Thursday 13th October

Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University, Belfast, BT7 1NN Simon Rose baritone saxophone, Paul Stapleton sound sculpture/self designed instruments and trio with Steve Davis drums. 13.00

Friday 23th September

Ausland, Lychener Strasse 60,  10437 Berlin Simon Rose baritone saxophone, Paul Stapleton sound sculpture plus Toshimaru Nakamura  desk, Burkhard Beins electronics plus Jason Montero electronics. Door 21.00 start 22.00

Tuesday 28th June

Schönstedtstraße 7, Berlin 12043 Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone, Klaus Janek double bass/ electronics. 8.30

Sunday 26th June

Miss Hecker Doors open 5.30 music at 6.00 pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Christain Marien drums, Jan Roder double bass

Tuesday 21st June

'Fete de la Musique' outside Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax solo + full program 4.00pm - 10pm

Saturday 18th June

Mica Moca, Lindower Straße 22 Berlin  "Lustwandeln im Körper" mit:

Ahmed Soura TANZ Takako Suzuki TANZ Simon Rose SAXOPHON Almut Kühne GESANG Alex Huber SCHLAGZEUG Makiko Tominaga TANZ Sara Ercoli PERFORMANCE Tomoko Nakasato TANZ Makiko Nishikaze PIANO Gregory Desarzens VIDEO Ruth Feukoua PERFORMANCE Christian Marien SCHLAGZEUG Katrin Mickiewicz VIOLA/GESANG Serge Olivier Fokoua PERFORMANCE Helge Leiberg OVERHEAD PAINTING Florian Bergmann SAXOPHON Meinrad Kneer KONTRABASS Uli Kempendorff SAXOPHON Klaus Kürvers KONTRABASS Johannes Lauer POSAUNE Markus Pesonen GITARRE Miles Perkin KONTRABASS Hironori Sugata TANZ Berit Jentzsch TANZ Eintritt 10/8 € @ 8.00 pm


Sunday 12th June

Farbfernseher, Skalitzer str. 114 Berlin 10999 8.00 pm Simon Rose baritone saxophone Anat Cohavi - bass clarinet, George Donchev double bass plus Axel Dorner - trp., Biliana Voutchkova  violin, Rui Faustino drums

Thursday 9th June

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30 pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Alan Gleeson laptop plus Almut Kuehne voice, Markus Pesonen guitar

Tuesday 17th May

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 10.00pmSimon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Heather drums, Clayton Thomas double bass

Monday 11th April

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 10.00pm Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Klaus Janek double bass/ electronics

Thursday 7th April

BADLAND Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Noble drums, Simon Fell double bass plus Dan Goren flugelhorn, Julian Faultless French horn @ Folly Bridge Inn, 38 Abingdon Road, Oxford 8.30 pm

Wednesday 6th April

BADLAND Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Noble drums, Simon Fell double bass. 8.30 pm @ Open House Pub, Springfield Road, Brighton 8.30 pm

Tuesday 5th April

BADLAND Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Noble drums, Simon Fell double bass. Fizzle: Lamp Tavern, Barford Sreet, Birmingham 8.30 pm

Monday 4th April

BADLAND Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Noble drums, Simon Fell double bass. Café Oto: 18 Ashwin Street, London E8 8.30 pm

Thursday 31st March

BADLAND Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Noble drums, Simon Fell double bass @ Frakture: Everyman Bistro, Hope Street, Liverpool, 9.30 p.m.

Wednesday 30th March

BADLAND Simon Rose baritone/ alto sax, Steve Noble drums, Simon Fell double bass @ Queen's Head Hotel, 1 St James Street, Monmouth 8.30 pm

Friday 14th January

Salon Bruit, Kastanienallee 77 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 10.00 pm

Simon Rose solo alto/ baritone saxophone. Tatsumi Ryusui solo Guitar/ Kalimba/ pedals/ toys/ singing. Installation in the front room by LifeLoop and hexle some

Wednesday 22nd December

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30 pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Hilary Jeffrey trombone, Klaus Janek double bass

Monday 20th December

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 10.00pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Steve Heather drums, Clayton Thomas double bass

Wednesday 8th December

Theaterkapelle Boxhagener Straße 99 10245 Berlin, 9.00 'sound art modules' Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone, Alan Gleeson electronics.

Tuesday 23rd November

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 10.00pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Christian Marien drums,

Sunday 7th November

Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen's University, Belfast.

Ensemble directed by Evan Parker.

Simon Rose (sax) Mark Trayle (electronics), Gascia Ouzounian (Violin), Chris Brown (Piano), Paul Stapleton (Percussion), Dan Goren (Trumpet), Don Nichols (Percussion), Gustavo Aguilar (Percussion), Han Earl Park (Guitar), Ulrich Mitzlaff (Cello) Tasos Stamou (Zither), Dominic Lash (Double Bass), Christopher Williams (Bass), Nuno Rebelo (Guitar), Richard Scott (Synth), Stephen Davis (Drums), Pedro Rebelo (Piano), Justin Yang (Sax) and Franziska Schroeder (Sax)

6.00 pm

Friday 24th September

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30 pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Anat Cohavi clarinets tenor saxophone, Klaus Kuevers double bass, Christopher Williams double bass, Chistian Marien drums

20th Sptember 2010

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 10.00pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones, Hilary Jeffery trombone, + play 'Looking for A flat in X-berg'

19th September 2010

Miss Hecker, 6.30 - 8.00 Simon Rose alto/baritone saxophone Jan Roder double bass Christian Marien drums

29th August – 13th September 2010

@ University of Guelph, Canada, Improvisation as Community and Social Practice. Summer Institute

Tuesday 17th August

Sheffield venue tbc Simon Rose alto/baritone saxophones Pascal Nichols drums

15th August 2010

Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston London E8 3DL 8.30 Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone Pascal Nichols drums. Plus Mick Beck bassoon/tenor sax Marcio Matthas cello/double bass. Plus Alan Tomlinson solo trombone

21st July 2010

flimflam @ Ryan's, 181 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16. 8.30. Mark Sanders drums, Alan Wilkinson baritone/alto saxophones, Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones plus Alan Tomlinson trombone, Dave Tucker guitar, M.S. drums

8th July - 28th August

@ Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire, UK

1st July 2010

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30 pm

Dominic Lash double bass, Hilary Jeffrey trombone, Javier Carmona drums, Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones

3rd June 2010

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30pm

OFF WORLD Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones Jan Roder double bass Christian Marien drums

19th May 2010

Theaterkapelle Boxhagener Straße 99 10245 Berlin 9.00

OFF WORLD Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones Jan Roder double bass Christian Marien drums

15th May 2010

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30pm

Thomas Helton double bass, Hannes Lingen drums, Chris Heenan contrabass clarinet/tenor saxophone, Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones

29th April 2010

Ausland Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin

Simon Rose solo baritone/alto saxophones

and ige*timer (Klaus Janek/Simon Berz)


25th April 2010

Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42 Berlin 9.00pm

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone Raymond MacDonald alto/soprano saxophone Jan Roder double bass Yorgos Dimitriadis drums

Saturday 24th April

Miss Hecker 7.30

Simon Rose alto/baritone saxophone
Jan Roder double bass
Christian Marien drums

21th April 2010

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30pm

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones Klaus Janek double bass/electronics Michael Vorfeld percussion

14th April 2010

Theaterkapelle Boxhagener Straße 99 10245 Berlin, 'sound art modules' Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone with Jan Gerdes prepared piano plus electronics. 9.00pm

31st March 2010

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin 8.30 pm Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophones Klaus Janek double bass/electronics Liz Allbee trumpet Brendan Dogherty drums

25th February 2010


EXPLORATORIUM Berlin Mehringdamm 55 (Sarotti yards), 1 Yard 10961 Berlin

Public rehearsal 5.00 Concert and recording 8.00

Biliana Voutchkova - Violin Andrea Velas Sanz - Viola Klaus Kürvers - d. bass Heiko Raider - voice Simon Rose - alto and baritone sax Dirk Ahlbom - Reeds Micah Rabuske - flutes and clarinets.

Friday 12th February 2010 @ 8.30

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin

Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone

Yorgos Dimitriadis drums/percussion

Frank Paul Schubert alto/soprano saxophone

Klaus Janek double bass

January 21st 2010

'SMALL COMPANY 2'@ Sowieso Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin @ 8.30

Klaus Kuervers double bass
Micha Rabuske bass clarinet, bass flute +
Simon Rose baritone/alto saxophone
Brendan Dougherty drums

December 17th 2009

Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24 12049 Berlin

Simon Rose trio:

Simon Rose as/brs
Micha Rabuske bcl/b-fl
Klaus Kürvers db

8:00 pm

December 15th 2009


Schlesische Straße 42 


Olaf Rupp guitar

Jan Roder double bass

Simon Rose alto/baritone saxophone


10:00 pm

December 10th 2009

Kuturhaus Mitte  

Auguststrasse 21 

10117 Berlin


Yorgos Dimitriados drums

Antonio Borghini double bass

Simon Rose alto/baritone saxophone


8:00 pm

December 6th 2009

ISIM/University of California Santa Cruz, US Festival/Conference


Simon Rose baritone saxophone, Chris Chafe cello, Kjell Nordeson percussion

Telematic performance between California, New York and Belfast


11:00 am

October 18th 2009

@ Wendel
Silesian Straße 42

Simon Rose alto/baritone saxophone,
Jorgos Dimitriados drums,
Jan Roder double bass


15th August 2009

@ The Windmill
22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, SW25BZ
with Pascal Nichols drums

July 29th 2009

Flim Flam @ Ryan's Bar, 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16
With Mark Sanders drums
8.30 pm

6th April – 15th July 2009

Banff Centre,
Alberta, Canada

19th and 20th June, 2009

‘Law, Justice and Improvisation’
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Presenting paper: ‘Improvisation education and the unknown’

June 3rd and 4th 2009

@Banff, Canada: Chris Chafe | Simon Rose

@CCRMA, Stanford CA: Chrissie Nanou | Rob Hamilton | Diana Siwiak | Fernando Lopez-Lezcano | Mark Applebaum | Carr Wilkerson | Alain Renaud | Juan Pablo Caceres

@RPI, NY: Pauline Oliveros | Jonas Braasch | Cristyn Magnus

@SARC, Belfast: Justin Yang | Franziska Schroeder | Pedro Rebelo

@Santiago, Chile: Mario Mora | Rolando Cori

More info an live stream:

March 21st 2009

@Studio 1510. 1510 8th Street, Oakland, CA

Simon Rose with Ava Mendosa guitar and Weasel Walter drums
8.00 pm

March 15th 2009

@ Studio 1510, 1510 8th Street, Oakland

21 Grand Presents:

Death of Marat by Krystle Ahmadyar
Live visuals and Cheographer Sarah Boltan
Machinist Manifesto by Krystle Ahmadyar - Computer Music


Losperistics (improvisation) by Stephan Moore (Merce Cunningham)


Simon Rose (UK)- Alto / baritone saxophones
Scott R. Looney (USA) - Prepared and Unprepared Piano
Damon Smith (USA) - Double Bass, Laptop
Kjell Nordeson (Sweden) - Drums, Percussion

8:00 PM

March 11th 2009

@  New Langton Arts

1246 Folsom Street 

San Francisco

Simon Rose with Kanoko Nishi - koto and Kjell Nordeson - percussion

February 22nd 2009

@ SIMM Series, Musicians Union Hall
116 9th St. @ Mission
San Francisco

Bleeding Vector: Eric Vogler guitar, Lorin Benedict voice-a-phone
Simon Rose alto, Damon Smith double bass, Scott Looney piano, Weasel Walter drums

December 5th – 7th 2008

Simon Rose with Charity Chan piano, Ceasar Villavicencio recorders
Performance and panel presentation Exploring the Unkown: Accepting Uncertainty

November 22nd 2008

Simon Rose with Scott Looney piano, Damon Smith double bass

9.00 pm

November 18th 2008

Simon Rose with Ava Mendosa guitar, Jen Baker trombone, Alexander Vittum drums

9.00 pm

November 14th 2008

Simon Rose alto saxophone Kanoko Nishi koto Kjell Nordeson drums

and Damon Smith double bass Scott Looney piano Kjell Nordeson drums


November 6th 2008

Simon Rose with Damon Smith double bass, Jerome Bryerton drums

also Jacob Lindsay clarinets, Kristian Aspelin guitar and Jerome Bryerton drums

8.00 pm

October 27th 2008

Simon Rose
with Jen Baker trombone,
Damon Smith double bass,
Weasel Walter drums


Matt Bauder - tenor saxophone (from NYC)
Aram Shelton - alto saxophone
Colin Stetson - baritone saxophone

Darren Johnston – trumpet
Bill Horvitz - electric guitar
David Phillips - pedal steel

September 12th 2008



August 25th - September 7th 2008

June 18th 2008

With Paul May drums and Dominic Lash double bass

8.30 pm

June 10th 2008

with Roland Ramanan Tentet

May 20th 2008

With Mark Sanders – drums

May 4th 2008

With London Improvisers Orchestra 8.00pm

April 29th 2008

Solo sax and duo with Rhodri Davies - harp

Plus small groups from the Collective Free Improvisation class.

at 7:00pm. The Recital Room, near to the main doors into the Armstrong Building, Newcastle University

April 6th 2008

With the London Improvisers Orchestra 

3.30pm – 5.30pm.

March 23rd 2008

with the London Improvisers Orchestra
3.30pm – 5.30pm

February 28th 2008

With Steve Noble: drums

Starts 8.30pm - £5/£3 concessions

February 10th 2008

with the London Improvisers Orchestra

3.30pm – 5.30pm

February 5th 2008

Adam Bohman: amplified objects
Hugh Metcalf: guitar, drums, voice

Starts 8pm - £5/£3 concessions

January 8th 2008

Simon Rose / Steve Noble - Drums

8.00 pm

December 17th 2007

Simon Rose with Ian McLaughlin Quartet


December 15th 2007

Simon Rose presenting paper: ‘Articulating Perspectives on Free Improvisation for Education’

International Society for Improvised Music, Second Annual Conference.
Northwestern University School Of Music,

December 14-16, 2007

December 7th 2007

With London Improvisers Orchestra (accompanying early film)


November 9th 2007

Simon Rose - alto saxophone, Dave Tucker - guitar, Javier Carmona - percussion

plus three other groups

7.30 pm

September 26th 2007

Simon Rose - alto saxophone with Dave Tucker - guitar


Alan Wilkinson - saxophone, John Bisset - guitar, Mark Sanders - drums


August 18th 2007

Simon Rose - solos alto sax

Simon Rose & Jaakko Tolvi, sax & drums duo

'Taco Bells'
Tero Kemppainen, bass
Sami Pekkola, tenor sax
Jaakko Tolvi, drums


Topias Tiheasalo, guitar
Jari Kaukua, soprano sax & clarinet
Jaakko Tolvi, percussion

7 - 10pm

July 5th 2007


Simon Rose - Alto Saxophone
Steve Noble - Drums
T.B.C - double bass

June 21st 2007

Simon Rose - solo alto saxophone

Starts: 8.30pm

June 17th 2007

Simon Rose - solo alto saxophone

Starts: 8:30pm

June 16th 2007

The Long Tail with Simon Rose

'Long Tail'
Pascal Nichols, percussion
Phil Morton, accidents & treatments
Simon Rose alto saxophone

Pyramid Arts Centre
Palmyra Square, Warrington, WA1 1BL
Follow Signs to The Cultural Quarter
Telephone: 01925 442345
Doors Open 13:00 - 23:00
Tickets £6.00 for the full day
Bar & restaurant on site.

June 15th 2007

Simon Rose - solo alto saxophone

Starts: 8pm

June 10th 2007

Simon Rose - solo alto saxophone

Starts: 8pm
Entry: £6 / £4
More info

June 6th 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Steve Noble - drums

Starts: 8:30pm

March 21st 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Damon Smith – double bass
Scott Looney – drums
Frank Gratkowski – reeds

March 20th 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Henry Kaiser – guitar
Gino Robair – drums, percussion
Oluyemi Thomas – bass clarinet, reeds
Damon Smith – double bass

February 28th 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Charity Chan – accordian
Ava Mendoza – guitar
Kanoko Nishi – koto

February 25th 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Marco Eneidi’s Orchestra

February 22nd 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Damon Smith – double bass
Donald Robinson – drums

February 2nd 2007

Simon Rose – alto saxophone


Damon Smith – double bass
Kjell Nordeson – drums, percussion